Black Joy in Green Spaces: The Webseries by Chris Omni

Black Joy in Green Spaces: The Web Series ’23 consists of four webisodes that explore three primary research questions related to Chris Omni’s dissertation, “Black Joy in Green Spaces: A Nature-Inspired, Endarkened, Visual Narrative Inquiry about Black Women and Joy.”

  • Episode One provides a brief background of the duality of Black Joy AND pain that exists in green spaces.
  • Episode Two addresses Research Question # 1 – “What is the relationship between green spaces, joy, and Black women’s experiences?
  • Episode Three addresses Research Question # 2 – “How does Black Joy show up for Black women who routinely commune with nature?
  • Episode Four addresses Research Question #3 – “How can the stories of Black women in green spaces help to conceptualize nature as a place of learning about and through Black Joy?”

Special thanks to Nadine Long, Dionne Gerri, and TaNica Holmes for allowing us a front row seat into your life. We are grateful!